AP Test Registration Information

AP Registration

Registration Deadline/times: 

Monday October 16 to Friday, October 30 

All San Joaquin High School students in grades ten through twelve may register for an AP Exam based on space and availability. Students in grades nine and below that are not concurrently enrolled in the IUSD AP course for the exam requested must receive approval from the IUSD District Office AP Early Access Exam Committee before registering for an exam.  Students may not take two exams on the same day at different school locations.

2024 AP Registration Form

Registration at Creekside Mon - Fri from 1 PM to 4:15 PM

Where to Buy Exams:

Creekside Education Center-Administration Building (3387 Barranca Parkway)


Cash or Check  $110.00 (4.97% credit card fee added)

Late Exam Order Fee $40 (4.97% credit card fee added)

IUSD Self Study Fee $150 (4.97% credit card fee added)

Cancelling an Exam: There is no refund if you cancel an exam.

How to Pay:

Cash, Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard) or Check (make check payable to “San Joaquin High School”)